Synthetic non toxic lubricants for rotary air compressors, highly additivated to resist wear, oxidation, corrosion,

rust and foam.

The ISO VG 46 oil is recommended for vane rotary compressors and allows oil changes every 6000 hours, while

in screw compressors (lubricated or immersed) oil is changed every 8000 hours.

The ISO VG 100 oil is recommended for gearboxes that need this viscosity grade, vacuum pumps, variable speed

drives, oil immersed bearings in pumps and fans, blowers and, overall, every food industry related mechanism

where a superior oxidation and aging resistant fl uid is advisable.

Recommended both for automatic lubricating circuits for high speed drinking can seaming machines and for

the most part of food industry related circulating systems. They increase the lifetime of compressed air installations,

maintaining the airlines clean and sealing-free, plus reducing the sludge, varnish and carbon formation

to a minimum. They save costs in fi lter replacements and spare parts under high friction levels, even under high

temperature conditions.

They comply with DIN 51506 VD-L and ISO-6743-L-DAB/DAJ-100 standards. H1 Category Code. NSF Registration

No. 147138 & 128140