QUAKER CORVUS EP ISO VG 150/ 220/ 320/ 460

Range of PAO type synthetic fl uids for gearboxes with high natural viscosity index, excellent friction coeffi cient,

low pour point, very low volatility, good compatibility with elastomers and exceptional resistance to ageing.

They are formulated with ultimate additive technology to provide the highest performance in gearboxes. They

are perfectly miscible with mineral oils, whose duration it triples. Specially recommended to extend lubrication

intervals and shorten maintenance time.

Wind turbines: GEARMOTORS (yaw system and blade orientation).

Paper industry: GEARS AND HIGH TEMPERATURE BEARINGS (rolls drive, yankee, etc. by splash lubrication or

centralized systems).

They comply with DIN 51517 Part 3-CLP for the different viscosity grades.